Amity International Society for Natural Products (AISNP) is a part of Amity, India's leading education group.

AISNP will work in close cooperation with National Society of Ethnopharmacology, India, Phytochemical Society of Asia and International Society for the Development of Natural Products for furthering the R& D activities in the field of natural products across the globe.


  • Organize symposia to link researchers involved in all areas of natural product chemistry on a broad basis
  • Organize workshops to educate young natural product scientists and provide technology transfer
  • Promote interest for natural products at both academic and industrial levels
  • Provide a platform for sharing ideas and links between natural product chemists, medical researchers and venture capitalists
  • Establish links to resources like databases and research websites that provide information and knowledge on natural products
  • Provide an avenue for scientists to be updated on current and future Conferences or workshops/symposia in areas related to natural products

Amity International Society for Natural Products (AISNP)will be working closely with the following societies/ organizations.